Jinyi Chu

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Assistant Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures
HQ 542

CV: Jinyi Chu.pdf


Ph.D. Slavic Languages and Literatures, Stanford University, 2019
M.A. Russian Literature, Shanghai International Studies University, 2012
B.A. Russian and English, Shanghai International Studies University, 2010
Visiting Researcher, Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskii Dom), Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, 2015-2016


I specialize in Russian literature and culture of 1890s-1920s, the modernist period. My research revolves around the relationship between geopolitics and transnational aesthetics. Specifically, I work on the following topics: global modernism; Russo-Chinese cultural relations; Russian poetry; late socialist culture; globalization and cosmopolitanism; science fiction; memory and memoirs; translation studies. I publish scholarship in English, Russian, and Chinese languages, and Chinese translations of Russian and English literary and academic works. 

My interview on YaleNews: https://news.yale.edu/2022/04/11/office-hours-jinyi-chu


Fin-de-Siècle Geopoetics: Russia, China, and Translated Modernism (Book Manuscript)

Socialist ’80s: The Aesthetics of Reform in the Soviet Union and China (Book Manuscript)


Special Issues Edited:

“Traveling Theory between Russia and China,” International Comparative Literature, no.1 & no. 2, 2022.

“Chinese Science Fiction and the World,” Science Fiction Research Association Review, vol.51, no.2, 2021.


“Civilizational Myth and Class Politics: Lenin on Russia’s Chinese Question,” Comparative Literature, forthcoming in 2022.

“(Trans-) National Contexts: The Russian Poetics of the Chinese Avant-garde,” International Comparative Literature, vol.5, no.1, 2022, 68-83.

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Frank, Joseph. Dostoevsky: A Writer in His Time. trans. Jinyi Chu, Sha Li, Jiayu Wang. Beijing: Huaqiao Chubanshe, 2019. (From English to Chinese)

Mancosu, Paolo. Smugglers, Rebels, Pirates: Itineraries in the Publishing History of Doctor Zhivago. Trans. Jinyi Chu. Guilin: Guangxi Normal University Press, 2018 (From English to Chinese)

Sochalin, Oleg. “Platok” [“The Scarf”], Trans. Jinyi Chu, in Foreign Literature and Art [Wai Guo Wen Yi], no.5, 2015, pp. 115-120. (From Russian to Chinese)


Modernism and Revolution; Russian and Chinese Science Fiction; Masterpieces of 20th-century Russian Literature; Science and Literature in Russia


Memory and Memoirs in Russian Culture; 18th-century Russian Literature; Russian Romantic Poetry; Modernist Culture in Russia; Russian Symbolist Poetry