September 2017

Ana Berdinskikh received the Dorris Hastings International Distinguished Engagement Award to study BCS at the 2016 Critical Languages Institute at Arizona State University.

Anastasia Kostina’s translation of the selected writings of Esfir Shub, the first Soviet woman filmmaker, was published in the Summer 2016 issue of Feminist Media Histories, a special issue on Found Footage: Women Without a Movie Camera.

Mina Magda received an ADSEEES Travel Grant to attend the 2016 national ASEEES Convention in Washington, D.C.

Ingrid Nordgaard was an Arnold Fellow in 2015-2016. She recently published “We have been traveling for weeks now” in Palimpsest: Yale Literary and Arts Magazine, and has a forthcoming publication in September 2016, “Documenting/Performing the Wounded Body: Pain and Agency in Works by Boris Mikhailov and Petr Pavlensky” in Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture.

Svetlana Tcareva successfully completed an internship at the State Literary Museum in Moscow in July 2016.  



September 2016

Anna Aydinyan (Ph.D. 2012): Tenure-track at Kenyon College

Margarita Safariants (Ph.D. 2012): Tenure-track at University of Rochester

Alexander Brookes (Ph.D. 2013): Tenure-track at Memorial University of Newfoundland

Cassio De Oliveira (Ph.D. 2014): Tenure-track at Portland State University

Vadim Shneyder (Ph.D. 2015): Tenure-Track at UCLA

Roman Utkin (Ph.D. 2015): Tenure-track at Wesleyan University

Fabrizio Fenghi (Ph.D. 2016) Tenure-track Brown University

Zakhar Ishov (Ph.D. 2016): Postdoc at Universitat Tubingen

Raisa Sidenova (Ph.D. 2016): Lecturer (UK equivalent of tenure-track) at Newcastle University

Thomas Keenan (Ph.D. 2017): Slavic librain at Princeton University

Mihaela Mihailova (Ph.D. 2017): Postdoc at Michigan State University (Society of Fellows)

Nicholas Kupensky (Ph.D. 2017): Postdoc at Bowdoin College

Daria Ezerova (Ph.D. 2018): Postdoc at Harriman Institute, Columbia University

Amanda Lerner (Ph.D. 2018): Cyber intelligence analyst, Manhattan DA Office

Megan Race (Ph.D. 2018): Davidson College

Aura Young (Ph.D. 2018) University of North Carolina

Isabel Lane (Ph.D. 2019) Boston College Prison Education Project

Jacob Lassin (Ph.D. 2019) University of Arizona

Viktoria Paranyuk (Ph.D. 2019): Pace University

Carlotta Chenoweth (Ph.D. 2020) US Military Academy