Congratulations Slavic Department Students at the New England Olympiad of Spoken Russian

Publication Date: 
April 16, 2024
Dear Slavic Department Community,
We are happy to announce that our students of Russian distinguished themselves with stellar performances at the New England Olympiada of Spoken Russian ( held at Harvard University on April 7, 2024!
Our students competed with eleven other universities and won the following awards. 
1st year Speech Contest
1st place – Gaya Buchta (Yale University)
Gaya started taking Russian this academic year in RUSS 110 (Julia Titus/Matt McWilliams) and now she is in RUSS 120 (Julia Titus/John Stachelski).
3rd/4th year Speech Contest
1st place – Axel de Vernou (Yale University)
Axel started Russian last academic year in RUSS 110 (Julia Titus/Emily Ziffer), then he skipped RUSS 120 for RUSS 145 (Constantine Muravnik/Ilya Plyat) and continued last fall in RUSS 150 (Constantine Muravnik), but then again he skipped RUSS 151 for more advanced RUSS 177 (Anastasia Selemeneva).
2nd year Poetry Contest
3rd place – Aidan Urbina (Yale University)
Aidan started Russian last fall in RUSS 125 (Constantine Muravnik/John Stachelski) and continued now in RUSS 145 (Constantine Muravnik/Spencer Small).
3rd/4th year Poetry Contest:
3rd place – Oliver Huston (Yale University) 
Oliver started Russian last Academic Year in RUSS 125/145 (Minjin Hashbat/Ania Tropnikova) then continued in RUSS 150/151 (Constantine Muravnik).
We all are proud of our students’ achievements and send to them our heartfelt congratulations
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