Anastasia Kostina

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A Ph.D. candidate in the joint program in Film and Media Studies & Slavic Languages and Literatures, Anastasia’s academic interests lie within Soviet and post-Soviet documentary with particular focus on the relationships between documentary and ideology and problems of credibility and representation. She is also interested in early Hollywood film and history: the image of Hollywood, the construction of stardom, consumer culture within Hollywood.


M.A. Project: “The Lure of Hollywood: Constructing the Image of Hollywood and Movie Stars in Motion Picture Classic Magazine 1915-1925”


Fulbright Graduate Program 2009-2011: M.A. in American Studies from University of Massachusetts, Boston.


Recent publications:


“ArtDocFest 2014: Politics, Rural Hardships and Youth.” KinoKultura, no 48, April 2015


“Esfir Shub. Selected Writings.” Translation. Feminist Media Histories, vol. 2, no. 3, pp 17-28


Compiling History for Masses: The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty.” Senses of Cinema, no. 85, December 2017


Recent conference presentations:


“Poor Little Homeless Girl: Russian Documentary in Search of a Perfect

Victim.” ASEEES, November 2017.


“Rough Is the New Credible: Civil Violence in Russia and Ukraine as Seen

on Youtube.” IAMHIST, July 2017.


“From Geiger Counters to Birds Singing: Documentary Representations of

Chernobyl Over Time.” SCMS, March 2016.


“Chasing Reality in Modern Russia: Marina Razbezhkina School of

Documentary.” ASEEES, November 2015.