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Anastasia Kostina is a PhD Candidate in the joint program in Film and Media Studies & Slavic Languages and Literatures at Yale University. Her dissertation research explores the films and career of Soviet documentary and filmmaker Esfir Shub from 1927 to 1937. Anastasia’s broader academic interests include documentary film history and theory with particular focus on questions of ideology, credibility and representation; transgressions between documentary and fiction; women’s film history, early Soviet and post-Soviet documentary film.

M.Phil. in Film and Media Studies & Slavic Languages and Literatures, Yale University 2019                 

M.A. in American Studies, University of Massachusetts, Boston 2011

Recent publications:

ArtDocFest 2014: Politics, Rural Hardships and Youth.” KinoKultura, no 48, April 2015

Esfir Shub. Selected Writings.” Translation. Feminist Media Histories, vol. 2, no. 3, pp 17-28, July 2016

Compiling History for Masses: The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty.” Senses of Cinema, no. 85, December 2017

Compiling History for Masses: The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty.” One Hundred Years of Soviet Cinema, ed. Daniel Fairfax. The LedaTape    Organization, July 2019

Hunting for Reality: An Interview with Marina Razbezhkina.” Film  Quarterly, Vol. 73, no 3. March 2020

Recent conference presentations:

Art or Craft? Esfir Shub’s The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty and Its    

 Contemporary Reception.” ASEEES, November 2019.                 

 “Women with a Movie Camera: How Russian Documentary Raised a New Generation of Filmmakers.” ASEEES, December 2018.

Poor Little Homeless Girl: Russian Documentary in Search of a Perfect

Victim.” ASEEES, November 2017.

Rough Is the New Credible: Civil Violence in Russia and Ukraine as Seen on Youtube.” IAMHIST, July 2017.

From Geiger Counters to Birds Singing: Documentary Representations of Chernobyl Over Time.” SCMS, March 2016.

Chasing Reality in Modern Russia: Marina Razbezhkina School of Documentary.” ASEEES, November 2015.

Invited talks:

“From Editor to Director: Esfir Shub’s Compilation Trilogy Through the Lens of Its Contemporary Reception” at SSEES, University College London, December 2020                              

Grants and Awads:

2009-2011 Fulbright Graduate Fellowship Program

2011 American Studies Award for Academic Excellence at the University of Massachusetts, Boston

2010 Grand Prix My UMass Boston Student Video Contest” at the University of Massachusetts, Boston

2017 American IAMHIST Conference Graduate Student Grant