Graduate Courses

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RUSS 601 Old Russian Literature: Kievan Period, H. Goldblatt

RUSS 603/HSAR 605 Russian Realist Literature and Painting, M. Brunson  syllabus - Russ 603

RUSS 607 Topics in Russian Literature and the Russian Literary Language: From the Origins of East Slavic Writing to 1750, H. Goldblatt

RUSS 644 Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and the Novel, M. Brunson  syllabus - Russ 644

RUSS 651 Chekhov, E. Bojanowska

RUSS 652 Nineteenth-Century Russian Lyric Poetry

RUSS 675/CPLT 571 Promised Lands: Slavery, Literature and Modernity in Russia and the United States, J. MacKay

RUSS 678 Digital Brodsky Lab, M. Bozovic

RUSS 682 Russian Avant-Garde Poetry, M. Bozovic  syllabus - Russ 682

RUSS 689 Russian Symbolist Poetry, M. Bozovic  syllabus - Russ 689

RUSS 695 Soviet Literature and Film of the 1920s and 1930s, K. Clark

RUSS 696 Post-Stalin Literature and Film, K. Clark

RUSS 699 Performing Arts in the Twentieth Century: The Russian Stage, K. Clark

RUSS 704 The Myth of Petersburg in Russian Literature, K. Clark

RUSS 714 Soviet Cinema, J. Mackay

RUSS 746/CPLT 527/FILM 828 Art and Ideology: Some Case Studies, K. Clark

RUSS 747/CPLT 919 Eisenstein, Pudovkin, Vertov, J. MacKay

RUSS 750/CPLT 569/FILM 771 Montage, Collage, and Politics, J. MacKay

RUSS 834 Aspects of Russian Grammar and Teaching Methodologies, I. Dolgova

SLAV 752 The Slavic Peoples and their Languages: From Unity to Diversity, H. Goldblatt

SLAV 754 Old Church Slavic, H. Goldblatt

SLAV 805 History of the Russian Literary Language, H. Goldblatt

SLAV 900 Directed Reading, Faculty