Ph.D. DISSERTATIONS 1965-Present


Ana Berdinskikh, “Wireless Transmission: Early Russian Radio and Modernist Poetics”


Carlotta Chenoweth, “The Illiterate Text: Literacy and Soviet Print Media”


Isabel Lane, “Narrative Fallout: The Russiand And American Novel After The Bomb”

Jacob Lassin, “Sacred Sites: The Russian Orthodox Church And The Literary Canon Online”

Viktoria Paranyuk, “Soviet Cinema Comes from the Cold: Realism, The Thaw, and the Aesthetic of Sincerity”


Daria Ezerova, “Derelict Futures: The Spaces of Socialism in Contemporary Russian Literature and Film”

Amanda Lerner, “Remembering the Future: Time Travel Narratives in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia”

Megan Race, “Balanchine at Home and Abroad: Counter-Soviet Ballet in the United States from the Postwar to Cold War”

Aura Young, “And She Nursed Them All Splendidly Herself: Breastfeeding in the Works of Lev Tolstoi”


Thomas Keenan, “Dante Alighieri and Master and Margarita’s Italian Ancestor”


Fabrizio Fenghi, “Another Russia: Counter-Culture, National-Bolshevism, and the Search for a Post-Soviet Identity”

Zakhar Ishov, “Joseph Brodsky and Italy”

Raisa Sidenova, “From Pravda to Verite: Soviet Documentary Film and Television, 1950-1985”


Vadim Shneyder, “Russia’s Capitalist Realism, 1860-1900”

Roman Utkin, “Russian Berlin: Emerge Culture and Interwar Modernism”

Mihaela Mihailova, “Negotiating Reality: Animated Realism in the Digital Age”

Nicholas Kupensky, “The Soviet Industrial Sublime: The Awe and Fear of Dneprostroi, 1927-1932”


Cassio De Oliviera, “The Lives of Remarkable People: Fragmentary Narratives and the Reality Effect in the Works of Babel II’f and Petrov and Iu. German”

Alexander Brookes, “Non-Euclidean Geometry and Russian Literature: A Study of Fictional Truth and Ontology in Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov, Vladimir Nabokov’s The Gift, and Daniil Kharms’ Incidents”

Jeremi Szaniawski, “The Image and the Interstice: Alexander Sokurov’s Poetics of Paradox”

Farida Tcherkassova, “Erotic Ascent in the Poetry of Mikhail Kuzmin: ‘Nets’ (Seti) as a Unity
in Multiplicity”

Anna Aydinyan, “Enlightenment and Debates on Colonial Management in the Aftermath of the
Russian-Persian War of 1826-1828”

Nathan Klausner, “Generic Modality and the Birth of Pushkin’s Pastoral Muse”

Margarita Safariants, “Rock-n-roll and Soviet Cinema: A Soundtrack for the Collapse of the
Eternal State”

Constantine Muravnik, “Nabokov’s Philosophy of Art”

Yakov Klots, “Exile as a Linguistic Event: Joseph Brodsky and Russian Emigre Poetry”

Timothy Sergay, “Boris Pasternak’s ‘Christmas Myth’: Fedorov, Berdiaev, Dickens, Blok”

Sara Stefani, “Constructing the Other: Defining the Nation and Defining the Self in Early Soviet
and British Modernist Prose”

Melissa Alexandra Tedone, “The Faith of the Godless: The Transformation of Religious Symbolism
in Bolshevik Era Fiction”

Laura Ponteiri, “Russian Animation of the 1860s and the Khrushchev Thaw”

Svetlana Kutuzova, “Through the Looking-Glass of Prison Walls: The Reflection of the Criminal
Underworld in Contemporary Literature”

Mina Brenneman, “Beyond the Lessing Impasse: Intersemiotic Dialogue in Joseph Brodsky’s
Nativity Poems”

Kristen Elizabeth Welsh, “Crisis of Poverty: Nabokov, Khodasevich, and the Future of
Russian Literature”

Hadi Deeb, “Individualism and Sexuality: Nabokov’s Otchaianie and Kafka’s Schloβ”

Kate Holland, “The Novel in the Age of Disintegration: A Genre Study of Dostevsky’s
Works 1873-1881”

Patricia Hswe, “Poetry in Perpetuity: Desire, Death, and the Beloved in Afanasy Fet’s Lyrics
to Mariia Lazich”

Christopher Woodruff Lemelin, “The Limitlessness of Boundaries: The City in Marina
Tsvetaeva’s Poetry”

Nikolai Firtich, “Alogism in Russian Modernism: An Investigation of Alogical Concepts in the Works
of Gogol, Bely, Kruchenykh, Malevich, Vaginov and Vvedensky”

Michael Alexander Pesenson, “Visions of Terror, Visions of Glory: A Study of Apocalyptic
Motifs in Early East Slavic Literature”

G. Gordon Love, “The Infinite Quest in War and Peace”

Elizabeth Astrid Papazian, “On the Margins of Literature: Mikhail Zoshchenko, Karel
Polacek and the Short Story”

Tatyana Vyacheslavovna Buzina, “Aspects of Fate & Freedom in Dostoevsky’s Works”

Jacqueline Robin Ladouceur, “Incorporating the Spectator into the Spectacle:Vsevolod Emilievich
Meyerhold’s Actor Training Method and the Self-Other Dialogue”

Maria Salazkina, “In Excess: Sergei Eisenstein’s Mexico”

Polina Klimovitskaya, “Feminine Strategies in the Plays of Liudmila Petrushevskaya”

Diana Senechal, “Diabolical Structures in the Poetics of Nikolai Gogol”

James Lee Morgan, “Starving Love Entirely Away: The Erotic Elegy in Early
Nineteenth-Century Russia”

Robert Bird, “The Tender Mystery: Romanticism and Symbolism in the Poetry and Thought
of Viacheslav Ivanov”

Izabela Kalinowska-Blackwood, “Between East and West: Russian and Polish Nineteenth-Century
Travel to the Orient”

Kenneth Balakrishnan, “The Lengthening of Vowels in the Stokavian Dialects of Serbo-Croatian”

Daria A. Kirjanov, “The Poetics of Memory in the Stories of Anton Chekhov”

Anna Brodsky, “Poetic Autobiography in Russian Literature: Turgenev, Bunin, Nabokov, Sokolov”

Maxim D. Shrayer, “The Poetics of Vladimir Nabokov’s Short Stories, With Reference to
Anton Chekhov and Ivan Bunin”

Marina Woronzoff-Dashkoff, “The Sympathetic Vision: Ethical and Aesthetic Patterns of
Dostoevsky’s The Idiot”

Rachel Lee Rubin, “Reading, Writing and the Rackets: Jewish Gangsters in Interwar Russian
and American Narrative”

Nancy Kay Anderson, “The Perverted Ideal in Doestoevskii’s The Devils”

Barbara Martha Mozdzierz, “The Forms and Meanings of Collective Nouns in South-Slavic Compared
to Russian: A Study in Derivation”

Laura Jean Olson, “Exploring the Boundaries of Realism and Romanticism: Myth, Sententiousness,
and Irony in Tolstoy’s War and Peace”

Jacqueline Rebecca Soltys, “Bodily Innovations: Locating Utopia in the Works of Andrei Platonov”

J. Keith Langston, “The Accentuation of the Cakavian Dialects of Serbo-Croatian”

Alexandar Mihailovic, “M. M. Bakhtin and the Theology of Discourse”

Snejana Jane Tempest, “Water: Folk Belief, Ritual and the East Slavic Wondertale”

Susan Kirsten Larsen, “The Poetics of Performance in the Works of Mixail Bulgakov”

Catherine A. Ciepiela, “Lyric’s Fatal Lure: Politics and the Poet in Tsvetaeva’s ‘Krysolov’“   

Vladimir B. Golstein, “Heroes of Their Times: Lermontov’s Representation of the Heroic Self”

Jean Y. Kim, “Imitation, Parody, Reconstruction: The Problem of Poetic Translation in
Pushkin’s Time”

Marina Kostalevsky, “Dostoevsky and Vladimir Soloviev: The Continuous Dialogue”

Willa Chamberlain Axelrod, “Russian Orthodoxy in the Life and Fiction of A.P.Chekhov”

Elizabeth Anne Cole, “Towards a Poetics of Russian Prison Literature: Writings on Prison
by Dostoevsky, Chekhov and Solzhenitsyn”

Svetlana B. Evdokimova, “Petra Scandali: History, Fiction and Myth in Pushkin’s Narratives
on Peter the Great”

Robert David Greenberg, “The Appellative Expressions in the Balkan Slavic Languages”

Alina Alexandra Israeli, “Syntactic and Semantic Studies of Reflexive Verbs in Russian”

Katherine Marie Lahti, “Mayakovsky’s Dithyrambs”

Timothy James Scholl, “Rebuilding the Academy: 20th-Century Classicism and the Modernization”

Theodore John Williams, “Velimir Khlebnikov and the Symbolist Thought of Andrei Bely”

Ljerka Debush, “The Formation and Function of Serbo-Croatian Adverbs”

Jane T. Costlow, “I.S. Turgenev’s Historiosophy and the Journal Polemics of 1856-66”  

Barbara Niemczyk, “Russian Symbolism and Mloda Polska: A Comparative Study”

Denis Crnkovic, “Thematic and Compositional Unity in the Life of Aleksandr Nevski”

Gary H. Toops, “The Expression of Grammatical Causativity in Slavic”

Tomas Venclova, “The Unstable Equilibrium: Analyses of Russian Poetry”

Susanne Fusso, “The Infinite Word and the Reconciliation of Opposites in Gogol’s Mertvye dusi”

Elizabeth C. Allen, “Turgenev’s Delicate Balance: A Study in the Poetics of Prose”

Monica D. Frenkel (Greenleaf), “V malen’koj rame: Fragmentary Structures in Pushkin’s
Poetry and Prose”

David Frick, “Meletius Smotrycki: The Experience of an Orthodox Humanist”

Stephanie Komkov, “The Compound Substantives in Standard Serbo-Croatian and Russian,
with a Sketch of the Compound
Substantives in Common Slavic”

Francoise Rosset, “The Acmeistic World View in Gumilev’s Poetry”

Susan Amert, “The Structure of Axmatova’s Late Lyric Poetry”

Joanna Dziurzynska, “The Morphology of Polish Dialects: Substantive Declension”

Nancy J. Tittler, “Innokentij Annenskij and Russian Literary Traditions”

Edith W. Clowes, “Friedrich Nietzsche’s Literary Reception in Russia, 1892-1902”

Stephanie Sandler, “Pushkin’s Response to Scott: Kapitanskaja docka”

Ruth M. Guffee, “The Yasnaya Polyana School, l859-l8: Its Place in Leo Tolstoy’s Development
as Writer and Thinker”   

Olga P. Hasty, “Cvetaeva’s Poetics Reflected in Her Literary Relationship with Rilke”

Joyce Vining Morgan, “Stanislavski’s Production of Shakespeare”

Karen Rosenberg, “Trediakovskij and the Quarrel Between the Ancients and the Moderns”

Linda Gabor, “The Morphology of the Dialect of Berovo within the Context of the Eastern
Macedonian Dialects”

Sergej Davydov, “Left Front: The Propaganda Art of the Left Front of the Arts, 1917-1927”

Vera Kalina-Levin, “At the Crossroads of Modernism: A Critical Study of the Works of Elena Guro”

Gordon Livermore, “A Critical Study of Dostoevskij’s Besy”

Steven Rudy, “Structural Poetics in Theory and Practice: An Analysis of Roman Jakobson’s

Gerald Sabo, S.J., “Slovak Didactic Poetry: Gavlovic’s Valaska skola”

Greta N. Slobin, “A. Remizov and Modern Russian Prose”

Margaret Ziolkowski, “The Style and Authorship of the Discourse of Dmitrij Ivanovic Donskoj”

Christopher Buck, “A. A. Fet’s Response to Schopenhauer’s Philosophy”

Nancy Condee, “Images of Poetry in the Works of Four Russian Poets:Voznesenskij,
Axmadulina, Evtusenko, and Brodskij”

Micaela Iovine, “The History and Historiography of the ‘Second South Slavic Influence’”

Harvey Goldblatt, “Problems of Language and Style Among the Slavs in the l4th and l5th
Centuries: Konstantin Kosteneckyi’s Skazanie iz javljenno o pismenex”

Marjorie Ferry, “N.S. Leskov’s Tales about the Three Righteous Men: A Study in the Positive Type”

Peter Steiner, “From Formalism to Structuralism: The Comparative Study of Russian Formalism
and Czech Structuralism”

David Ladner, “Simeon Polotskij”

David Borker, “Studies in the Lyric Poetry of Innokentij Annenskij”

Lucia Capodilupo, “Analysis of Prose Style and Narrative Technique of Alexander Grin”

Elizabeth B. Henderson, “Left Front: The Propaganda Art of the Left Front of the Arts, l9l7-l927”

Gerald Pirog, “The Italian Poems of Aleksandr Blok”

Alexis Klimoff, “Viacheslav Ivanov After the Revolution”

Carol A. Palmer, “The Master and Margarita”

Nicholas Zekulin, “A Correspondence” – The Artistic Genesis of a Turgenevian
Literary Ideology”              

Elliot F. Cohen, “Autobiographical Accounts of Childhood: Aksakov, Tolstoy and Gorky”

Carol J. Avins, “Views of the West in Early    Soviet Fiction and Criticism”

Grace M. Hucko, “The Uses of the Narrator in Dostoevskij’s The Devils”

Gary Saul Morson, “Dostoevsky’s Diary of a Writer: Threshold Art”

John B. Dunlop, “Alexander Solzenicyn’s The First Circle: An In Depth Analysis of the Novel’s Artistic
Techniques and Its Ideological Underpinnings”

Lorna M. Peterson, “Ivo Andric: A Critical Analysis”

George M. Young, Jr., “Philosophy of N. Fyodorov”

Andrew G. Comings, “The Russian Narrative Poem in the Twentieth Century - Three Studies”

Marc Euclid Heine, “The Use of Rhetorical Devices in the Remarks on the Life of Jan Zamoyski
and Warnings for Poland of Stanislaw Staszic”

Sona Hoisington, “Early Critical Responses to Evgenij Onegin: l825-l845”

Thomas Hoisington, “The Early Prose Works of Mel’nikov-Pecerskij: A Critical Reexamination”       

Susan J. Layton, “Zamjatin’s Neorealism in Theory and Practice”

Jane A. Taubman, “Between Letter and Lyric: The Epistolary-Poetic Friendships of Marina

Sona Aronian, “The Dream as a Literary Device in the Novels and Short Stories of Aleksej Remizov”

Katerina Clark, “The Image of the Intelligent in Soviet Prose Fiction, l9l7-l932”

William S. Hamilton, Jr., “Case Syncretism in the Evolution of the Czech Noun Declension”

Jack Earl Evans, “Structure and Style of Speech in the Drama of A. P. Cexov”

James J. Lake, “A One-Stem Study of the Development of the Old Czech

Murl Gordon Barker, “The Novels of Fedor Sologub”

Ruth Crego Benson, “The Ideal and the Erotic: Tolstoy’s Heroines in Love and Marriage”

Peter Hodgson, “Jakov Butkov”

Vadim Liapunov, “Poet in the Middest: Studies in the Poetry of E.A. Baratynskij”

William J. Sullivan III, “The Stratificational Description of the Phonology and Inflectional
Morphology of Russian”      

Youn-Cha Shin Chey, “Russian Quantifiers”

Michael Holquist, “Non-realistic Modes in the Prose Fiction of Gogol and

Denis Mickiewicz, “Phoebus Apollo or Musagetes: The Position of Apollon in
Russian Modernism”

Serge Kryzytski, “The Works of Ivan Bunin”