Daria Ezerova

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20th and 21st century Russian literature and film, the production of space and the afterlife of Soviet aesthetics in post-Soviet culture, modernism and postmodernism, visual culture, New Drama, history of art.

Recent Publications

“Filming Death at Work: Aleksei Balabanov’s unreleased script for ‘Clay Pit.’” Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema, Volume 11, Issue 1 (2017). 

 “The Defense: Nabokov’s Exploration of Surrealism.” Transactions of the Association of Russian-American Scholars in the USA, Volume XXXVIII, 2013.


2016-2017 – William Henry White Scholarship Fund. Yale University.

2016 – Russian Studies Program Dissertation Grant, Yale University.

2014–2015 – The Ronald Muirhead Byrnes Scholarship Fund. Yale University.

2014 – The MacMillan Center Pre-Dissertation Grant, Yale University.

2014 – The European Studies Council Grant for Language Study, Yale University.

2013-2014 – The Ronald Muirhead Byrnes Scholarship Fund. Yale University.

Select Conference Papers

“Sorokin Across Media.” ASEEES roundtable. November 2017 (upcoming)

“Shifting Peripheries: The Curious Case of Russian Symbolism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood” ACLA. July 2017. (upcoming)

“The Rise and the Fall of the Soviet Industrial Sublime.” ASEEES roundtable. November 2016.

“A Grandiose and Improbable Spectacle: Representations of the Soviet Capital in Aleksander Medvedkin’s New Moscow (1938).” ASEEES. November 2016.

“Constructing Industrial Space After 1991: Viktor Pelevin’s Generation П and Other Stories.” In Media Res: Intermediality and the Borders of 20th Century Culture. Princeton University, October 2016.

“Post-Soviet Existential Crisis: What is Lost and What is Found in the 2009 Adaptation of Ivan Vyrypaev’s Oxygen.” ASEEES. November 2015.

“In Search of the New Sacred: the Fantastic Realism of Aleksey Balabanov’s Me Too (2012).” ICCEES. Tokyo, Japan. August 2015.

“The Shock of the Post-Soviet: The Afterlife of Soviet Myths in Literature and Film after the Fall of the Eternal State.” Late Socialism (1956-1985): the Forgotten Years Between Stalinism and Perestroika (intensive summer seminar). Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia. July 2015.