Amanda Lerner

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DISSERTATION: “In Dialogue With the Future: Time Travel in Soviet and Post-Soviet Fiction.” In progress, anticipated May 2018. Advised by Professor Katerina Clark

INTERESTS: Soviet science fiction (esp. of the Thaw); interplay between American and Soviet science fiction; the impact of Soviet sci-fi in post-Soviet postmodern fiction; dystopian literature as reimagination of the present; time travel as narrative device; generic boundaries of SF; (re)identification and the formation of nationhood in the post-Yugoslav context.

MINOR FIELD: (Post)-Yugoslav Literature and Culture



Deconstructing the Binary of (Jewish) Victimhood: Problematics in the Serbian Context Published in anthology Watersheds: Poetics and Politics of the Danube (Academic Studies Press, 2016)

Book Review, “Jamey Heit. The Politics of The Hunger Games. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, 2015.” (Forthcoming in Science Fiction Research Association Review)


April 2016: Vying for Space in Space: Ownership of the Universe in Soviet and American Science Fiction. Cold War Narratives Reimagined (Yale Graduate Student Conference), New Haven.

April 2016: Expanding Empire into the Stars: Colonization in Polden’: XXII vek. Radiant Futures: Russian Fantasy and Science Fiction conference, The Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia at New York University.

November 2015: Underground Space Travel: Viktor Pelevin’s Omon Ra. Association of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies Annual Meeting, Philadelphia.

January 2015: To the Sun! Andrei Bely’s Argonavty. Modern Languages Association Annual Meeting, Vancouver.

November 2014. Staring at the Sun: The Science Fiction Tendency in Andrei Bely. Association of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies Annual Meeting, San Antonio.

April 2014. We’re All Guilty: Disseminating Collective Guilt in Kiš and Kujundzic. University of Toronto Graduate Student Conference, Toronto.

March 2014. The Racija and the Sloboda Bridge Bombing: Memorialization in Novi Sad. American Comparative Literature Association annual meeting, New York City.