Harvey Goldblatt

Chair/Professor of Medieval Slavic Literature


B.A. 1969 (with Great Distinction), McGill University, Russian
M.Phil.1972, Ph.D. 1978, Yale University, Slavic Languages and Literatures

All aspects of medieval Slavic philology and culture, especially the Cyrillo-Methodian heritage, the East-Slavic chronicle patrimony, and premodern Ruthenian (Ukrainian) literature in the age of the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation.

Current Courses
Old Russian Literature - Kievan Period
Topics in the Russian Literary Language
Old Church Slavic
Topics in Slavic Philology
Russian Culture through Cinema (with John MacKay)

Recent and Forthcoming Publications
“On Supranational and Local Aspects of Slavia Orthodoxa: The Case of Constantine Kostenecki's Explanatory Treatise on the Letters.” Palaeoslavica 10 (2002): 139- 48.

“Slavic Ethnic and Confessional Identity in the Rus' Primary Chronicle: On the “Tale about the Translation of Books into the Slavic Language.” In D. Worth, et al. (eds.). A Festschrift in Memory of Henrik of Birnbaum (forthcoming).

“'Speaking in Tongues' and the Origins of Slavic Writing: On Vita Constantini XVI and the “Cyrillo-Methodian Language Question.” In H. Goldblatt, K. Stanchev, and G. Ziffer (eds.). Slavia orthodoxa and Slavia romana: Essays Presented to Riccardo Picchio by his Students on the Occasion of his Eightieth Birthday, September 7, 2003 (forthcoming in the series “Yale Slavic and East European Publications”).

“On the Latin Writings and the Cyrillo-Methodian Language Question,” in A Festschrift in Honor of Michael Flier. Ed. Harvey Goldblatt and with Nancy Kollman. (forthcoming).

Work in Progress
Between Mt. Athos and Ukraine: Studies on the Writings and Thought of Ivan Vyshens'kyi. (Ukrainian translation forthcoming).

A collection of studies by Riccardo Picchio on the literary heritage of Orthodox Slavdom, edited, translated and introduced by Harvey Goldblatt (forthcoming from Harvard University Press).

A study of the Lay of Igor's Campaign (with Riccardo Picchio)

Continued research on various aspects of the Cyrillo-Methodian heritage.